PartnerSource's employee advocacy approach provides:

Right CareAccess to Non-Workers’ Comp Doctors
Right CoverageOccupational vs. Non-Occupational Facilitation
Right TimeAs Fast As Possible
Better Outcomes   +   Quicker Recovery   =   Lower Cost

We've already confirmed under Outcomes that fast care is important for improved medical outcomes, but does it save money as well?

The Texas Department of Insurance, Department of Workers' Compensation says



In 2015, Texas workers' comp claims with greater than 7 days delay in medical treatment had an average of 40% more in medical costs in the first 6 months.

So which approach performed better?

Percent of injured workers who saw a physician in 1 day or less: 

  • 80% in TX Option
  • 44% in TX WC

Percent of injured workers who saw a physician in 7 days or less: 

  • 94% in TX Option
  • 84% in TX WC

The choice is clear: Texas Option Results:

  • Better outcomes produce lower claims cost.
  • Claims cost is also reduced by lower levels of fradulent claims.
  • Results confirmed by an Actuary:


                         Improved Return to Work


The Option can provide significant savings to an employer.  However, several factors must be managed, as exclusive remedy is not retained.

We can help.  Contact us.

PartnerSource has developed a Texas Option methodology that works.  With over 50% of the Option business currently supported by PartnerSource, we use data-driven analytics to measure success. Cost savings can be projected in advance at no cost to you!  See Get Started for details.