With your help, we reached our goal!

PartnerSource was honored to participate in the Let’s Roll Toilet Paper Challenge to make a difference for people in our community. Through this, we helped supply Metrocrest Services with toilet paper for those in need. Our goal was 500 rolls and together, we accomplished it! Thank you to all of the clients and colleagues who contributed, and to Jerry Fazio of Owen & Fazio for putting us over our goal.

Between COVID pandemic panic buying and the winter storm wreaking havoc on availability of basic essentials, most of us now understand how precious a commodity something as simple as toilet paper can be. Metrocrest Services, a non-profit that serves our area of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, provides items like food, rent and utility assistance, job assistance and yes, even toilet paper, to people in need every single day. No one should have to choose between having toilet paper or buying food.

A core tenet of the PartnerSource mission is offering assistance to those in need – whether they are injured workers who need medical care, clients who need excellent advice and well-structured plans, or colleagues who need a hand with a claim or a piece of advice. PartnerSource is here. It’s our honor and pleasure to be able to help those in need in our very own community.

Thank you for joining us in this initiative. Together, we made a difference!

Matching gift program

PartnerSource is pleased to provide a generous match to charitable and non-profit organizations that our employees support personally, including public and private educational institutions, art and cultural organizations, religious institutions, environmental concerns, youth groups, social service agencies and health organizations focused on specific illnesses.


Community outreach

PartnerSource employees donate their time and energy to many charitable organizations, including:

North Texas Food Bank

Each year, PartnerSource teams up to volunteer for North Texas Food Bank because we believe in helping our hungry neighbors. Every dollar donated to the North Texas Food Bank provides three healthy meals for hungry North Texans, and 95 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to hunger relief programs.


Kids' Chance

PartnerSource is a founding sponsor of Kids' Chance of Texas.  The mission of KCTX is to create and support educational scholarship programs for Texas children whose parents have suffered a severe or fatal injury at work. To learn more, please visit http://www.kidschanceoftexas.org/

Recognizing Excellence & Compassionate Care

Since its founding 2014, PartnerSource has been represented on the Advisory Board and as a judge for the “Comp Laude” educational and awards program, which strives to change the narrative of the workers’ compensation industry to a more positive one, including all industry stakeholders. PartnerSource also presents several “Compassionate Service Awards” at our annual Employers’ Conference to claim adjusters, nurse case managers and others who exemplify compassionate care to injured workers. And we present the “Greenshield Award” to recognize the highest level of achievement in delivering better medical outcomes & economic development through alternatives to workers’ compensation.