PartnerSource supports insurance brokers in addressing the needs of both large and small employers. Where appropriate, we help explain and deliver "bundled," standardized injury benefit plan documents, employee communications, and claims administration services that are available from most insurance carriers in this competitive marketplace. For employers with more frequency of Texas on-the-job injuries, we work with employers’ risk management, finance, legal and human resource professionals and brokers on more customized approaches to:


  • Benefit Plan. Establishing or updating a state-of-the-art injury benefit plan. The PartnerSource team established many of the first ERISA injury benefit plans and developed almost every major innovation in these programs over the past 30 years.

  • Communications. Development and rollout of special employee communications that incorporate other positive aspects of your company mission and culture,

  • Compliance. Comply with state and federal reporting and disclosure requirements,

  • Claim Procedures and Support. Establish or update and support injury claims administration processes, including TPA support and oversight and litigation management, and

  • Insurance. Working with your insurance broker to ensure coverages are in place and well-understood for this unique risk.