What are Texas Injury Benefit Programs?

Texas employer have three choices:

  1. Opt-in to Workers’ Compensation

    The traditional, government-run system found in all 50 states.

  2. Opt-in to QCARE

    A responsible Texas injury benefit program that delivers better medical outcomes, improved benefits and cost savings, and meets 10 essential standards to earn the QCARE designation.

  3. Opt-Out

    May not meet industry standards for the QCARE designation or provide any injury benefits, at all.

PartnerSource supports legal compliance AND a primary focus on the injured worker. We support QCARE, including compliance with all applicable state and federal legal requirements. These programs are legally required to administer claims in the best interests of covered employees, in contrast to a focus on minimum legal compliance within workers’ comp systems. PartnerSource programs don’t depend upon slow, perpetual legislative and bureaucratic “reforms” and, instead, are in a continual state of process improvement.

PartnerSource programs attract the best physicians. By simplifying paperwork and streamlining approval processes, we gain access to many medical providers that do not accept workers’ comp patients. All resources can then be aimed toward accessing quality medical care from the right medical provider, at the right time, to achieve better medical outcomes.

PartnerSource manages litigation exposure. Workers’ comp requires workers to give up the right to sue their employer for an unsafe workplace.  But employers with an injury benefit program have negligence liability exposure and a greater incentive to create and maintain a safe workplace. We support fair resolution of any injury benefit or negligence liability dispute, with the employer paying better benefits on a “no-fault” basis.