The Win-Win: How to Show Care for Injured Employees and Avoid Litigation

When a client receives a letter of representation, it’s always interesting to review the claim file to identify what likely caused the employee to retain an attorney. In many reviews, we see that the employee’s benefit claim was denied, often without the claims administrator first speaking with the employee. Here are some tips on how to best handle a benefit denial to avoid a claimant retaining counsel. 


Case Study: To Suspend or Not to Suspend, That is the Question

An interruption in an injured worker’s life can also interfere with the medical treatment they are receiving under their employer’s Texas Option plan. And this could potentially delay their path to recovery.

Consider this man’s experience: While at work, an employee injured his back and is receiving medical treatment under a Texas Option plan. In the time period he is receiving treatment, he suffers from a stroke, which is unrelated to the original work injury. This employee has not finished his treatment for the back injury; however, he now has to receive treatment for the stroke and is unable to continue treatment for his back at this time. What do we do?

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The Alternative to Workers’ Comp, commonly referred to as Texas Nonsubscriber Option, or just “the Option”, is a completely different approach to providing on-the-job benefits to injured workers. Using the ERISA platform, the Option has many advantages over traditional workers' compensation.

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