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Alternatives to Workers’ Comp have several names: Option, Nonsubscription, Nonsubscriber, Opt-out, Occupational Injury Benefit Plan, ERISA Option, etc.

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105,000 Texas employers are pursuing Alternatives, or Options to Workers’ Compensation.

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Approximately 50% of the entire industry chose PartnerSource.  We work with some of America’s most selective and sophisticated employers who prefer the Option.

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Employee advocacy is our key to producing excellent results.

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98% Client Retention:  PartnerSource specializes in careful consideration of this decision.

The Alternative to Workers’ Comp, commonly referred to as Texas Nonsubscriber Option, or just “the Option”, is a completely different approach to providing on-the-job benefits to injured workers. Using the ERISA platform, the Option has many advantages over traditional workers' compensation.

PartnerSource is the recognized leader in this field.

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PartnerSource is proud to be a founding sponsor of Kids' Chance of Texas.  Their mission is to create and support educational scholarship programs for Texas children whose parents have suffered a severe or fatal injury at work. To learn more, please visit