The Texas Nonsubscriber Option is a unique approach to providing care for an employer’s Texas-based associates with an on-the-job injury. Based on an ERISA platform, improved medical care is facilitated through the use of best medical practitioners, whether they accept workers comp or not. Also care is improved through a more timely delivery. Tangibly better medical outcomes produce significant hard savings in the forms of lower costs and soft savings in the form of increased productivity.


These savings allow the employer to provide improved benefits to legitimately injured associates.

Workers' Compensation

  • 7 day waiting period for wage replacement

  • weekly wage replacement cap of $938

  • no more than 75% of wage replacement (non-taxable)

  • fewer physician options

PartnerSource Recommends

  • 0 day waiting period for wage replacement

  • no cap on weekly wage replacement

  • 85-100% of wage replacement (taxable)

  • more physician options