PartnerSource works with insurance brokers and agents from across the United States to serve the nonsubscriber needs of their clients, and greatly values these opportunities and relationships.

We will never attempt to replace an insurance agent on an account referred to our firm by that agent.  From the smallest local agent to the largest brokers in the world, PartnerSource enjoys strong relationships based on trust.

While PartnerSource is a division of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., we make firm commitments to referring brokers to respect the confidentiality of their client information and fully support their client relationships.  As a result, other brokers are able to confidently bring the most experienced Texas Nonsubscription resource to the table. Typically, there is no reduction in compensation to the employer's main casualty broker.

Is Option right for your client?

  • Normally we have a verbal screening to determine if your client is a good candidate for further evaluation
  • For more information about the verbal screen please contact
  • Russell Huber, 214-239-4590
  • Amber Labry, 214-239-4634

Education and Consultation

  • If, after our discussion, we mutually decide the employer is a good candidate, a 60-90 minute webinar can easily be arranged with your client.  In this webinar, we will discuss everything they need to understand the Option in any state.

A. What are options?

B. How do they work?

C. What are the rewards?

D. Next Steps?

Evaluations and Data Analysis

  • We have access to data for more than 100,000 Option claims
  • This information is the basis of our financial feasibility
  • No other firm can provide such a fact based evaluation of potential financial results under the Option.  Our evaluation is a complete comparison of likely results under the Option 
  • We provide the report at no cost!

If the employer decides to pursue the Option?

  • We provide turnkey support services:
    • Design 
    • Implementation
    • Ongoing support
    • Insurance placement can be provided as an accommodation, if the referring P&C broker prefers not to
    • Additional services vary by size of employer

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