Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules on Vasquez v. Dillard's


Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules on Vasquez v. Dillard's
Option Supporters Vow to Continue Efforts in Light of the "Unconstitutional" Ruling

Who: The Oklahoma Supreme Court issues its highly anticipated ruling in the “Option” to workers’ comp case of Vasquez v. Dillard’s.

When: Sept. 13, 2016

What: In the past two years, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has twice rejected constitutional challenges to the “Oklahoma Option” to workers’ compensation. On Feb. 26, the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission ruled that the Oklahoma Option does not satisfy the requirements of their unique state constitution. As a result, Oklahoma’s highest court has ruled on the employer’s appeal of the commission’s ruling. To better understand the facts of this case, and the interests of the trial lawyers and insurance companies behind it, see https://www.partnersource.com/option-insights-vol-ix-june-2016/feature-story-do-facts-matter-oklahoma-constitutionality-case/.

Quote: Attributed to PartnerSource President Bill Minick, available for interviews after 1 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. CST today.  All Day Wednesday.

“We just received and are reviewing the court’s ruling. The Oklahoma Option has been very successful and kept its promise to help reduce workers’ comp rates and deliver superior medical outcomes for injured workers. The court’s decision focuses on Oklahoma’s unique constitution. PartnerSource and the many other supporters of an innovative and competitive alternative to workers’ compensation vow to continue our important work in Oklahoma and other states. We believe it’s critical to provide better care and benefits for injured workers, decrease the number of disputed claims, and significantly decrease insurance premiums and claim costs for all employers.”

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