Texas injury benefit plans powered by PartnerSource keep getting better

Thirty years ago, senior partners at Dallas’ oldest and largest law firm were telling their young-pup-lawyer, Bill Minick (now PartnerSource Chairman) about how clients could no longer stay in business due to crazy-high workers’ compensation insurance costs. And right then, the first injury benefit plans were born… out of necessity. They were rough around the edges and looked a lot like the state workers’ comp system – but with more communication between injured workers and employers, and attracting the best medical providers back into the mix.

By the mid-1990s, PartnerSource began incorporating innovative strategies from that bigger world of employer-sponsored, group health insurance to achieve better medical outcomes. In the early 2000s, we continued to peel away red tape and got injured workers and doctors more engaged in the recovery process. We also saw employer safety programs really drop the frequency of employees getting hurt at work. PartnerSource then went even further: We began to completely re-work claim handling procedures to get insurance companies, third party claim payers, employers, workers, law firms and medical providers further rowing in the same direction toward optimal injury recovery.

Recent improvements in Texas in regard to alternatives to injury benefits have been the topic of recent discussion from the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation, or ARAWC, an industry organization to which PartnerSource belongs. ARAWC Chief Policy Officer Jeff Pettegrew’s new blog on the “Top 5 Texas Injury Benefit Plan Improvements – 2016-2019” is a great summary of even more recent quality and legal compliance improvements in regarding to responsible alternatives to workers’ compensation in Texas.

We don’t stop creating change that benefits workers in Texas. Innovation has been the key theme for the 25 years that PartnerSource has served clients, because the opportunity for continuous quality improvement drives us forward every day. In working with PartnerSource, employers with Texas injury benefit plans have covered more than 10 million workers and successfully resolved about a million injury benefit claims in the past 25 years. We continue to enjoy the trust of the most respected brands in America – and their injured workers.