January 27, 2016

News & Information on Alternatives to Workers' Compensation

"Options" to workers' compensation are now at center state in the debate over how to improve outcomes for injured workers.  It's an exciting time to learn how traditional workers' compensation and group medical plan concepts have been blended to improve the lives of injured workers and lower costs for employers and all taxpayers.  It's also no accident that Texas and Oklahoma - both of which support Option programs - have workers' compensation systems that are performing better than ever.  This issue of "Option Insights" reports on status of the Oklahoma Option, and breaks new ground in reporting industry aggregate data for the Texas Option, along with an update on the latest quality improvements for injury benefit plans.  Let us know what you think.

Bill Minick

In this Issue:

  • Case Studies on Directing Injured Workers to the Best Medical Providers
  • Texas Option Industry Facts
  • Texas Performance Data
  • Oklahoma Option Performance Data
  • Oklahoma Litigation Update
  • New ARAWC "Option Resource Guide"
  • Injury Benefit Plan Coverage Enhancements
  • Conference Calendar
  • More Option News and Updates
  • Publications Summary

Case Studies on Directing Injured Workers to the Best Medical Providers
Start with the Primary Objective in Mind

Any analysis of Options to workers' compensation should begin with the primary objective in mind: Are good outcomes achieved for injured workers?  These two case studies reflect results commonly achieved within Texas Option programs:  read more

Texas Option Industry Fast Facts
A Long Track Record of Substantial Payments to Injured Workers

What is the estimated number of workers and injury claims covered by, and the estimated amount of money paid through Texas Option injury benefit plans annually?  read more

Texas Performance Data
Achieving Better Outcomes for Injured Workers and Cost Savings

Texas is widely recognized for the outstanding performance of its workers' compensation system.  Nevertheless, the data presented in a new report...read more

Oklahoma Option Performance Data
A Strong First Year

The National Council on Compensation Insurance has projected a cumulative 37.2% drop in loss-cost-rates...read more

Oklahoma Litigation Update
Few Disputes Reflect Employee Satisfaction

Compared to litigation in the Oklahoma (and most other state's) workers' compensation system, there has been relatively little litigation under the Oklahoma Option.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court has...read more

New ARAWC "Option Resource Guide"
Laying the Groundwork for Understanding with Facts and a Recap of Prior Research

The Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers' Compensation has released "The Option Research Guide."

Injury Benefit Plan Coverage Enhancements
Continuous Quality Improvement

Option injury benefit plans are continually innovating to ensure coverage for work-related injuries and improve medical outcomes.  Updates are also sometimes required...read more

Conference Calendar

The following organizations are holding conferences in the near-term that will include presentations on Options to workers' compensation:  read more

More Option News and Updates

For more news and updates on Options to workers' compensation, contact:

Publications Summary

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