September 15, 2017




Hurricane Harvey & Reasonable Administration of Texas Injury Benefit Claims

PartnerSource and regulators are advising injury benefit claim decision makers on a relaxation of deadlines and obligations on injured workers

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New Disability Claim Regulations Apply to Texas Injury Benefit Plans January 1, 2018

New regulations issued by U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) with respect to all forms of ERISA-governed disability plans will go into effect on January 1, 2018

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Nonsubscriber Insurance Market Update

The Texas nonsubscriber option insurance market remains competitive and stable, subject to potential impacts of Hurricane Harvey.

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Recent Texas Nonsubscriber Headlines

At least 16 research reports, articles and national blogs have focused on Texas injury benefit plans in 2017.  Strong public policy support, proof of paying better wage replacement benefits, groundbreaking medical research, and industry predictions of interest in other states have all captured headlines.  To catch up or see the latest, click here.






Hurless and Minick Take New Leadership Roles

We are pleased to announce promotions for Jennifer Hurless and Bill Minick

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Texas Injury Plan Education – Invitation Only – Sells Out!

  • Best Practices for Better Results

  • Fiduciary Training and Case Law Update

  • Special Guest Speaker, Major Jeoff Williams - Active Shooter Scenarios

  • Fellow Employer Presentations

  • Current Status of Alternatives in Other States

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Continuing Education Credits



Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation (ARAWC)

Annual Meeting
Open to Members and Prospective Members


Wednesday, October 18, 2017
1:00 – 5:00 pm

Omni Park West Hotel
Dallas, TX

Advance registration required. For additional information
call: 703-234-4095 or email:


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