Since 1994, PartnerSource has focused on the methodical expansion and development of the Option industry.  As a consultant to employers, we work with their insurance brokers and other advisors on Feasibility, Design & Implementation, and Ongoing Support of Option Programs.

Other examples of our leadership:

  • We offer our Annual Options to Workers' Compensation Employers' Conference in October - one of the largest risk management events in the Southwestern United States, selling out each year.
  • Our personnel, and in particular our Chairman, Bill Minick, JD, LLM, are often asked to speak on behalf of the entire industry
  • Our client retention rate is 98% since 2010; our value to our clients is clear
  • Our team of experts has pioneered many of the innovations that have been widely accepted in the field.

Since 1994 our team of dedicated professionals supports the following groups:

Daily, employers and brokers from across the United States with an employee base in Texas turn to PartnerSource to determine viability as a nonsubscriber.

PartnerSource's approach incorporates:

  • Commitment - 100% focus on this specialized business niche
  • Employer Support - unique staffing mode for unique approach
  • Continual Quality Improvement - driving changes in best practices
  • Decision Making Approach - use of data-centric tools 


PartnerSource is the recognized leader in the field of options to traditional workers' compensation